Executive Management Team

Greg Nash
Managing Director and Group CEO

greg haywood ceo
Greg Nash assumed the role of PICA Group CEO from September 1st, 2015. He has been a Director of PICA Group since February 2004, Chairman for the last nine years and has a very good understanding of the business, our management team and the industry.

Greg was previously the Managing Director and CEO of First Data Corporation Australia, New Zealand & Asia Pacific a multinational financial services and ITT services provider for 20 years. He had also held senior positions with Standard Chartered Bank and Elders Group and has broad international experience. He has been an active Board Member for over 10 years and brings a great deal of purpose and energy to PICA Group.

Wayne Walker
Group Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary and Executive General Manager, Enterprise Services

Wayne Walker is Chief Financial Officer and Joint Company Secretary of PICA Group. Wayne joined PICA Group in January 2013 as the General Manager of Administration and Financial Services. He has over 30 years of experience working in a range of senior executive roles across various industry sectors, including strata property, retail, financial services, and touring, travel and cruise operations.

Prior to joining PICA Group, Wayne held and executive role at APT Group. He has also help CFO and CEO roles with multi-billion-dollar service providers including Thomas Cook Limited, and the formerly Ansett-owned Traveland Group.


Peter Byrne
Group Chief Operating Officer and Executive General Manager, Strata Services

Peter Byrne is Executive General Manager of Business Development and Marketing of PICA Group. He has held this role since October 2015. Peter also has extensive senior executive experience across banking and technology sectors, and has successfully transformed many marketing, sales, and service functions in complex operating environments.

Prior to this role, Peter spent five years as the General Manager of Integrated Technology Services, and was previously Managing Director ANZ for First Data International and Chief Manager Network Banking at St George Bank.


Yoichi Nishio
Executive General Manager of Facility Management and Executive Director - PICA Board 

Yoichi Nishio is Executive General Manager of Facility Management and Executive Director of PICA Group.  He has held this role since April 2017.  As an assigned employee from Nippon Kanzai Co., Ltd., a listed facilities management and services company that holds 50 percent shares in PICA Group, he has been a Director since January 2016.  Yoichi has more than 31 years of experience working in financial and asset management sector with a focus in real estate.

In conjunction with his role, Yoichi has served at Nippon Kanzai since 2014.  Prior to this, he worked in Los Angeles and Tokyo with Nippon Credit Bank, Ltd (now Aozora Bank, Ltd.) and held a management role at Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd., asset management company for Fukuoka REIT.