Work Health and Safety

Assured Building Management's (ABM) seeks to be among the best performers in safety, health and environment consistent with the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.

The company’s values include a commitment to operate to the highest standards of safety, health and environment, recognising that nothing is so urgent or important that the time cannot be taken to do it safely.

Building managers commit to eliminate all work related injuries, illnesses, motor vehicle incidents, environmental incidents, complaints and other adverse incidents and acknowledges the belief that all such incidents are preventable.

Our Strategy

ABM's strategy for meeting its commitments and for achieving the vision is to have in place equipment and materials that are designed and maintained fit for purpose, well communicated principles and behaviours that promote continuous performance improvement through leadership and personal responsibility and a management system which describes systems of work that ensure the integrity of equipment and materials and people-based control measures is sustained.

ABM is committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of our WH&S Management System. In accordance with the Act, we are dedicated to providing a safe and health work environment for all employees. As such ABM issues each new site employee with its Work Health and Safety work sheets which provides direction on how the company complies with statutory obligations and fulfils its WH&S policy. The manual outlines general policies, guidelines and procedures to:

  • Prevent injuries, illnesses, and dangerous occurrences
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • Provide safe work systems
  • Ensure staff are trained and competent
  • Provide safe plant and equipment.

Logs/ Reports/ Forms

ABM  uses the following to assist in the efficient day-to-day running of the complex:

  • Daily Log – All service agreements for the properties facilities are monitored and managed and information collated by the building manager.
  • Quarterly Report – Quarterly as per the scope, and is updated on all relevant occurrences and pending situations as per the reports.
  • Cleaning Schedule – Periodically this schedule will be assessed and changed as required.
  • Landscaping Schedule – Periodically this schedule will be assessed and changed as required.
  • WH&S Site Induction – All contractors that attend site must complete a form to ensure compliance with Work Health & Safety regulations.
  • Fob Register – Any fob that is issued will be logged in the fob Register.
  • Daily Occurrence Log – Keep a day log of work visitors and sign in and out such visitors.