Building Management Service

What does our Building Management/Caretaker Service Offer?

The Service:

  • Provides a trained Building Manager who spends the agreed time supervising all contractor’s works and services
  • Produces Yearly Maintenance Plans
  • Prepares ‘Asset Registers’
  • Provides monthly reports to the owners corporation.

Monthly Client Report

We supply you with a valuable and comprehensive monthly report, generated from our check list. These are completed during our visits to your property, where we use our sophisticated software and technology to track and manage building management activities.

The report includes the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Maintenance & Repairs: painting, irrigation / plumbing, fire equipment, mechanical / ventilation, drainage, lifts, lighting and electrical, landscape and grounds, cleaning and waste, security, and miscellaneous
  • Incidents and issues within the complex
  • Compliance services: fire services, lifts, city water, and pool, with due and completion date
  • Recommendations and proposals for client consideration
  • Services completed by contractors including what was addressed, the outcome and the date
  • Other specific and relevant comments, such as the status of pending quotes.

What are the Benefits?

The Service:

  • Ensures better building compliance
  • Effectively manages the building assets, extending the life and increasing re-sale value of the building
  • Ongoing management of the operating costs (repair and updates, and maintenance) which helps to reduce costs and extend the useful life

Reduces the purchasing costs as a result of the bulk buying power of the company.

Success comes through what you receive:

  • A long term professional and proactive building management service approach
  • An effective partnership between the Owners Corporation and our staff, who provide a depth of expertise, specialisation, and stability
  • Consistent and high standards of service delivery
  • Ensuring our clients understand all relevant issues and are provided with solutions
  • Offering you the benefits of a partnership between the Building Manager and Strata Manager to produce best practices for our client and reduce costs
  • Use of our software and technology, including the recently acquired MYBOS software system.

Features of MYBOS software system:

We have partnered with MYBOS, an Internet-based system that manages all day-to-day communications, record-keeping and task tracking between occupants, committee and building managers in buildings.

The Online Building System includes:

  • Inventory Register
  • An Advanced Maintenance Module
  • Asset Register
  • Key Register
  • Knowledge based Articles (agreements, strata rules, manuals)
  • Automated Building Management Report
  • Approved Contractor List.

Fees Structure

Our fees depend on the size and complexity of the building, and the required on-site business hours of our Building Manager.

We will provide you with a quote and agreement for our services once we have met to discuss and access your requirement.