Our Purpose, Vision and Values


“Enhancing Community Living”

BCS' purpose is “to create the ideas, standards and systems that Enhance Community Living”.

We recognise that investing and living in a strata or community title scheme is an increasing trend in Australia. BCS understands all community members, whether it is the owner occupiers, investors or tenants, are motivated to ensure their schemes run harmoniously and successfully. BCS’ role as the strata or community manager is to deliver this in partnership with each customer.

At BCS we constantly strive to come up with the best ideas, the highest standards and the most comprehensive systems, to ensure that we do more than any other strata or community managers to Enhance Community Living.


The benefits of BCS as a strata or community manager can be seen through:

1. Better Guidance:

BCS provides our customers with leadership from knowledgeable experts.

2. Reliable Support:

BCS is dedicated to providing reassurance to our customers as they carry out their duties and make critical decisions for positive outcomes.

3. Excellent Service:
provides our customers with efficiency and accountability to achieve their required objectives.


BCS’ values drive our attitudes and our performance, to ensure we are consistent in the delivery and application of our purpose, ‘Enhancing Community Living’  for our customers.

BCS values integrity and places the customer’s considerations first. This is reflected through transparency in our advice and our recommendations. We always deliver the best outcome for our clients, which will strengthen our partnerships with them.

BCS staff always strive for total professionalism. We set the bar in terms of industry knowledge, process, standards, innovation, advise, delivery, reporting and feedback.

Strata and community title management is a team effort. BCS recognises the critical role of each member of the team, being our customers, our staff, and our partner suppliers. We bring the best team performance to every task, for every customer.

We are a customer service focused business. Therefore, we are attuned to our customers needs and motivations, which allows us to achieve our goal of 'Enhancing Community Living'.


        No.1 Staff

    No.1 Customer Service

No.1 Benchmark Industry