Community Health and Safety

The new Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WH&S 2011) commenced on January 1st 2012 in New South Wales and Queensland. The new laws make Strata Schemes in NSW and Community Title Schemes in QLD responsible for maintaining a safe workplace on their common property.

All strata and community titles schemes have a legal and moral obligation to show a ‘Duty of Care’,  to ensure the health and safety of all people using common property.

Failure to meet their ‘Duty of Care’ obligations may result in a large financial impact to their scheme as a consequence of an incident where someone is hurt, and may include compensation claims, either or both, under Common Law or Commercial Law.

BCS has introduced Community Health & Safety (CH&S) currently only in New South Wales and Queensland which is a new service that offers committee members and owners a practical solution to minimise the risks to your plan.

By choosing to use the Community Health & Safety (CH&S) service you will ensure that the scheme is able to demonstrate it is taking all reasonably practical steps to ensure the health and safety of all users of the common property.

There is no excuse in claiming ignorance as breaches in obligations under “Duty of Care” can cost dearly,  if someone is hurt. Incidents do and will occur. Doing something to prevent them is simple and easy with professional advice.

Community Health & Safety is a low cost service that offers you:

  • Guides and ongoing updates
  • Health & Safety reporting system
  • Tracking of incidents and known hazards
  • 24/7 call center to report hazards & incidents

What does Community Health & Safety do?

How does CH&S manage the Duty of Care obligations:

Benefits of using Community Health & Safety (CH&S):

  • Hours of operation: 24 Hours / 7 Days a week
  • A free to call service for all Health & Safety issues
  • CH&S is available for committees, owners, tenants, temporary residents, contractors, employees and visitors to contact and advise us of any H&S issues
  • Our CH&S staff are able to advise on temporary measures to rectify H&S issues until standard work hours
  • CH&S staff have access to all of your plan details, and are able to identify if there are already works being undertaken, thus preventing unnecessary callouts
  • CH&S will log and monitor all H&S hazards to ensure that the works are being managed in a timely and efficient manner
  • CH&S will log and monitor all H&S Incidents to ensure that the records are kept accurately and efficiently, and that the appropriate regulatory bodies are informed
  • CH&S can produce quarterly reports showing what H&S issues have been identified, what was done, or needs to be done, to rectify the issues, and keep these reports for future reference
  • CH&S can track works on buildings, identify any recurring H&S problem areas, advise your portfolio manager accordingly, and follow up on the rectifications required
  • CH&S can help buildings identify the H&S responsibilities, and provide the buildings with standards sets of Safety Guides to ensure a safer building and surrounds
  • CH&S can work with your professional Safety advisors, helping to monitor any risks or hazards  identified in their reports, to ensure that potential incidents are avoided
  • CH&S staff can identify emergency situations that require immediate rectification, and arrange for the appropriate qualified contractor/s to rectify
  • Our CH&S contractors are part of our exclusive Community Select database, thereby ensuring that they are suitably qualified, registered and insured
  • Committee will have access to H&S Guides and relevant updates via Community HUB
  • Improved tracking of CH&S issues, including work orders and invoicing via Community Hub.

For Victoria and more information visit the Strata Community Australia (SCA) website