Community Hub

Community Hub is an online service portal designed to allow BCS customers easy and secure access to their building’s information at any time and from anywhere.

To Register on Community Hub  CLICK HERE and click on the  FIRST TIME USERS button.

Download Community Hub Facsheet Here (203.82kb) to find out how to register.

Once registered, owners are able to access:

  • Plan information
  • Plan documents that include Financials, Minutes Book, Maintenance, Insurance etc.
  • Levy information for your lot
  • Levy payments – secure online payment facility
  • Creditor invoices
  • Online Invoice Approval (OIA) – (access by delegated person from the scheme)
  • Repair and Maintenance (Allows your committee to review works that are being completed on behalf of your building)
  • Insurance
  • User details update

Benefits of using Community Hub:

  • 24/7 access to your property information
  • Stay informed about your property from anywhere
  • Security of information
  • Provides clarity and transparency
  • Secure online invoice approval and payment options

Go to the Community Hub site here.

Online Invoice Approval (OIA)

What is the Online Invoice Approval System?

Community Hub’s Online Invoice Approval (OIA) system is an invoice management and processing solution run by an electronic workflow, which replaces manual handling and paper-based invoice approval. OIA workflow allows for the easy storage, tracking, editing and approval of all invoices in a single web interface.

How does it work?

Steps in the process:

  • Invoices are scanned and saved into an electronic data storage system
  • The OIA system generates an individual workflow for each invoice
  • Your portfolio manager processes the invoice by keying the creditor code, invoice reference, invoice date, payment due date, invoice amount, payment method and expense details into the computer system
  • The portfolio manager reviews the processed invoice
  • Subject to the committee requirements, the invoice is routed to the Executive Committee nominee via Community Hub for review.
  • Subject to the nominee’s approval (or otherwise), the invoice will either be paid and posted to the plan’s financial accounts, or returned to the portfolio manager with instructions regarding further action.

What are the benefits?

  • Control – the plan has complete control over invoice payments
  • Transparency – an electronic record is maintained of every invoice paid, who approved payment and when it was approved.
  • Timely payment – an electronic approval and payment process allows for the timely payment of creditors.

How to use OIA?

Download Factsheet Here (452.48kb)

For further questions please contact your Community Hub team on 1300 889 227 or