Community Select

The Community Select service was established by us in response to a need for fast, easy access to qualified property service professionals for maintenance and remedial works.

Community Select is the department that oversees the issuing of Work Orders and Quote Requests and manages the contractor authorisation process.

Community Select provides an online registration system where contractors (including consultants) are able to self-register, upload the necessary documents and maintain their business details.

As contractors complete the registration process, all details provided and uploaded documents are verified to ensure compliance with the relevant legislative requirements (licensing and safe practices) and insurance types and values as set by us.

Once the verification process has been satisfied the contractor is considered to be an authorised contractor, activated to the Community Select database, and available for selection to be forwarded Requests for Quotes and Work Orders.

The online registration system and the verification process is managed on behalf of Community Select by Pegasus, who specialise in contractor engagement and workforce management services and solutions.

As a property owner, you have a duty of care to ensure the safety of any persons who access your property. This means it is essential to ensure that any contractors (including consultants) also comply with this obligation. Using contractors who have been authorised through the community Select process give you the peace of mind that you are using suitably qualified, licensed and insured contractors every time!


For more information

Visit for more information about the online contractor authorisation system, including FAQ’s and the system link. You can also contact our Community Select team on 1300 858 227 or at with any questions regarding the process


For Contractors interested in providing your services

Thank you for your interest in wanting to provide your services.

If you would like to send an expression of interest to the Supply Chain team please email