What’s mine? What’s ours?

11 Feb 2013

Monday, February 11th, 2013

House owners have it fairly easy when it comes to the ownership of their homes and surrounding land. They know it’s all theirs and when in doubt a local council or government department will hold a plan that shows the boundaries.

Apartment owners know that this is not necessarily the case and many have been left scratching their heads about what part of the property they own and are responsible for and what is part of the owners corporation remit.

The confusion has led to many disputes and there are a plethora of lawyers out there who specialise in providing advice on common property issues.

One initiative that has attracted interest is the Who’s responsible? guide, which was developed by Strata Community Australia (NSW) members to try to address the issues around common property ownership and has recently been adopted as an official document by the NSW Government. The guide aims to provide some certainty around what is common property.

It says that generally, in most strata schemes, the lot owner owns the airspace and everything in it within the boundary of the unit. They don’t own the main structure of the building.

The guide then provides a list of items that could reasonably be expected to form a part of the common property and therefore be the responsibility of the owners corporation. Items such as:

  • balcony columns and railings
  • TV aerials
  • guttering
  • intercom handset
  • blocked floor drains
  • garage line markings
  • main car park garage doors

Individual owners are responsible for:

  • Bathroom cabinets, shower screens, basins and toilet bowls and cisterns
  • Paintwork within their apartment
  • Light switches in their apartment
  • Security cards and keys
  • Internal carpet and linoleum
  • Built in wardrobes and cupboards
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Water leaking from shower taps or baths

Some areas can be grey about ownership for example the owner may be responsible for fixing a leaking shower tap but may jointly be responsible with the owners corporation for attending to a leaking shower. Remember when in doubt seek professional advice.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is a general guide only and not intended as a substitute for legal advice. The company disclaims all responsibility and all liability for any expenses, losses, damages and costs which might be incurred as a result of the information provided by the company in this article.


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# At 8:17pm, December 26, 2015, Anita said:
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Nice article Jim! Although I would never buy a vacoitan property (I don't want to be tied to the same holiday every year), I was thinking that for us to fly the extended family down to Florida and do a one-week cruise it probably cost close to $16K. In that context, having access to a 2-bedroom unit for a whole year doesn't sound so bad!
# At 7:03pm, March 29, 2016, Mateen said:
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I just hope whveeor writes these keeps writing more!

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