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21 Mar 2014

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is currently being rolled out throughout Australia. It is an upgrade to our existing telecommunications network, designed to provide the infrastructure for affordable high speed internet and phone access for all Australians.

NBN Co has been established to co-ordinate the installation to properties, including all strata properties throughout Australia.

What will it cost?

A standard installation of the NBN equipment is free of charge, at this time. Individual residents will still need to contact their preferred internet service provider (ISP) to arrange for the internet and telephone services they require once the NBN is connected to their building. Ongoing maintenance of the NBN will be the responsibility of NBN Co.

How will you connect to the NBN?

The NBN Co has appointed a construction partner in each area and this entity will inspect the common property to produce design plans for how the NBN will be installed. The NBN fibre optic cable will be connected from the street to NBN equipment installed at the property based on the design plans produced by the construction partner. When the NBN rollout has been completed, each individual resident can contact their preferred phone or ISP to arrange for the NBN to be installed to their individual lot.

If you don’t connect now

If the NBN connection is not completed at this time, charges will apply for future inspection, design and installation activities required to connect the building to the NBN at a later date.

How do you get started?

Your strata manager will prepare an agenda item for a meeting so that the committee can authorise your manager to act as an Authorised Representative for the body corporate/owners corporation and to supply your details to the NBN Co. At the same time we will REGISTER YOUR INTEREST with the NBN Co. They are currently only taking registrations for buildings in the three year rollout plan so your manager will regularly check when the rollout will occur in your area. To check whether you are in the three year roll out plan, follow instructions on this link:

What we do next

Your strata manager will provide NBN Co with a data stream containing information relating to your building so that the NBN Co can link you into the rollout in your area.

What happens next?

The NBN Co’s Construction Partner will make contact with the body corporate/owners corporation representative to identify the works required to the building. The body corporate/owners corporation will receive a “Notice of Installation” advising the activities required to connect to the NBN. This may include a requirement for the body corporate/owners corporation to cut down or lop trees and clear or remove vegetation. The construction partner will provide identification confirming that they are working on behalf of the NBN Co and they will endeavour to restore the land to a condition similar to its condition before the activity began.

The body corporate/owners corporation consent

The NBN Co advises that they will inspect the property and provide the body corporate/owners corporation with detailed plans for how the NBN will be installed. This advice will also include a proposed date for the necessary activities to connect the NBN to the property. Please be aware the Telecommunications Act 1997 Schedule 3 Clause 18 permits NBN Co and its contractors to enter and install equipment on the property in relation to the proposed NBN Connection.

Until such time as the NBN Co’s partner has inspected your building, the impact of the NBN infrastructure on the building will not be known. The fibre optic cable may be installed in existing risers within the building or there may be a requirement to install external cabling and ducting. There may be a requirement for a general meeting of the body corporate to be held, depending on the requirement for new ducting and cabling.

What will it cost?

The standard installation of the NBN equipment will be free of charge and the NBN Co will be responsible for any ongoing maintenance. If the NBN installation and maintenance activities are not completed whilst they are working in your area, the body corporate/owners corporation will be liable for charges for future inspection, design and installation activities required to connect the building to NBN at a later date.

Installation Complete

Your strata manager, as the body corporate/owners corporation representative, will be advised when the property is connected to the NBN and we will subsequently advise owners and residents that they can make arrangements with their preferred contractor to supply the necessary equipment in their home, office or business so that they can start enjoying the services over the NBN. Access will be required to the property to carry out these installations as required and arrangements for access will be the responsibility for the individual owner or tenant.

Maintenance Activities

The NBN Co will provide notice every time they need to carry out installation or maintenance activities, (outside of emergencies).

Disclaimer: The information provided is a general guide only and not intended as a substitute for legal advice. The company disclaims all responsibility and all liability for any expenses, losses, damages and costs which might be incurred as a result of the information provided by the company in this article.


# At 10:06am, July 6, 2015, Viiank said:
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Wayne swan, dweer, my job 4th network prvoider, local mp, federal mp, abib, none of them can show me where these skilled jobs are after 5 years of asking, email,, and phoning them.South Australia would rather advertise overseas for workers to build AUSTRALIAN submarines instead of training or helping unemployed people.Skilled shortage jobs is a total lie designed to import low price conterfeight workers from INDIA, vietnam, Sri lanka, south america.If your a white aussie male tradesman on the dole your life is over like mineSkills shortage is the biggest lie ever in AUSTRALIA.This governemnt only wants to bring in more foreign students, more foreign workers so that GST revenue will go up.I could have trained 100 welders in 5 years.Guess LABOUR love kids on heroin with no jobs, no money, no education.
# At 5:51am, October 18, 2015, Sanjay said:
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The press release from Kate Lundy says 3000 homes from each reiogn will be chosen, do we know which 3,000 homes will be released from the misery of phone lines of such low quality( paired gain) for internet as to be a joke.I fear that the people who've been suffering the most like people in our street in Ngunnawal will miss out because they'll have to dig up the phone lines, I suppose they will roll it out in new areas that are still being constructed.
# At 6:07am, December 26, 2015, Carla said:
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Hi Paul,I understand the area to be coreevd in Gungahlin will be first discussed with local organisations such as the Gungahlin Community Council that's certainly what I will be advocating. I'm hoping we might have more info on the process at the GCC meeting this Wednesday night.
# At 1:18pm, June 19, 2016, Kelli said:
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List of Great Lakes counties and cities that have rejected offshore wind (this list is not copelmte)Oceana County, MichShelby, MichPentwater, MichLudington, MichLeamington, ONThe State of New YorkCape Vincent, NYErie County, NYOswego County, NYChautauqua County, NYNiagara County, NYJefferson County,NYMonroe County, NYWayne, County, NYIrondequoit, NY

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