PICA to expand building management services with Assured Building Management Pty Ltd

27 Nov 2014

PICA Group, Australia’s leading property & strata management company, announced a new 50% shareholder, Nippon Kanzai Co., Ltd, a leading Facilities Management and Engineering services company in Japan. PICA welcomes the wide ranging property services expertise Nippon Kanzai will bring to PICA Group.  

Nippon Kanzai’s expertise in facilities management & engineering services will be the first area PICA intends to leverage, with plans to develop a major facilities management capability by establishing a new company Assured Building Management Pty Ltd., for the Australian market.

Group Chief Executive Officer of PICA , Greg Haywood comments: "The focus on medium and high density urban living is driving major growth in the strata industry for an efficient and cost-effective building manager. More Australians, from all key lifestage groups, are looking to invest in strata and apartment living as a preferred financial and lifestyle choice.

"The latest building design, facilities and regulations require increasingly sophisticated building management systems and services.  As a market leader, PICA is at the forefront of these changes and we intend to offer our clients more higher quality all round solutions going forward". 

"Assured Building Management is a full range building management services company and will initially provide its services in New South Wales only; later to expand into other states such as Queensland and Victoria. The depth and sophistication of their expertise can help us develop new markets over time. Facilities or Building Management is an immediate opportunity, given the fragmented nature of this service delivery to date in the Australian Strata Market".


About PICA

Established over 50 years ago, Prudential Investment Company of Australia Limited (PICA) Group is an Australian national property and financial services company.  Its core business is strata and community title management, in which it is the market leader, with subsidiary companies including BCS Strata Management, Raine & Horne Strata Sydney, Clisdells Strata Management Parramatta, Robinson Strata Management and Mason & Brophy.  Its other core business is Kemps Petersons, a leading debt recovery and receivables company.

BCS Strata Management is the largest subsidiary in PICA Group. It has over 500 staff, 24 offices and a portfolio of 170,000 clients across 10,500 strata schemes across property types that include residential, commercial, resorts, and mixed use.

About Nippon Kanzai Co., Ltd

Established in 1965, Nippon Kanzai Co. Ltd is a leading full range property services company, with key services across building management, public facility management, residential building management, real estate investment management and building consulting.

In relation to facilities and building management, Nippon Kanzai’s services range from building equipment administration, cleaning, security service, fire prevention, environmental sanitary management, tenant services, along with property management and construction management.  They were one of the first companies to offer this kind of integrated building management in Japan.


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