Pay My Levy

Levy Notices by Post – How to Pay

Refer to the reverse side of your levy notice for payment options.

In accordance with the relevant legislation a lot owner is required to contribute to the administrative and sinking funds, in order to meet expenses which include water and electricity charges for common areas, building and public liability insurance, and repairs or maintenance of common property.

All schemes raise a regular strata levy, usually collected quarterly.  The money collected is deposited into the scheme's trust account and is then used to fund the day to day and capital expenses of the property.

BCS Strata Management will prepare and distribute levy notices to owners via post or *email, as requested.

BCS uses Macquarie Bank payment services for processing strata levy payments.

Online Payment Options

To use Macquarie Bank's DEFT online payment option, click on the DEFT logo

Levy Notices by Post – How does it look

Printed Levy Notices with Macquarie Bank DEFT payment option (sample below)

Front side Reverse side


 Now you can request for you Levy Notice to be sent by email

Receiving Levy Notices electronically - You need to access Community Hub, our online customer web portal and change your preference for receiving your levy notices by email.


To Register as a First Time user, visit Community HUB. Click on this link Community Hub to view details and a step-by-step procedure to register and access the service. To register, you will need your Levy Notice handy as you will be required to use your Owners Reference Number which can be found at the top right on your Levy Notice.


Alternatively, if you are already a registered user of Community Hub, simply login and change your preference to receiving your Levy Notice electronically by email. Click Here

Please make sure you make your payments on time using any of the available payment options. If you’re having difficulties with payments, please immediately contact your strata manager as there are a number of solutions that might assist you.

Read fact sheet on Levy Arrears Payment Plan.

If you have any queries about your levy contributions, please phone our levy department directly on: