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You can now receive your future levy notices electronically by email

You now have the ability to change your preference on how you want to receive your future levy notices, by post or by email. To receive your levy notice by email you will need to access Community Hub, our online customer web portal.

Registered Users of Community Hub

If you are a registered user on Community Hub you can login and change your preference to receive your next levy notice electronically by email.

As a user you will also be able to view all levy notices from October 2013 in respect to your lot. Find below a step by step guide to change and record in Community Hub your preference to receive future Levy Notices.

Registered Users can LOGIN HERE

Please note: if you are already registered on Community Hub you will still need to indicate your preference if you wish to receive your levy notices electronically and enter your correct email address.

First Time Users of Community Hub

To Register as a First Time user, visit Community HUB page. To register, you will need your Levy Notice handy as you will require to use your Owners Reference Number that can be found at the top right on your Levy Notice. Once you have received access to Community Hub, you will be required to  record your email address and choose to change your preference to receive your levy notice by email.

Click Here for a Step by Step Guide on How to Register on Community Hub

Step by Step Guide to change your preference to receive Levy Notice by Email

  1. Log in to Community Hub
  2. On the welcome page you can either log in if you already are a registered user of Community Hub or register if you are a first time user by clicking on the First Time Users button:
  3. After you login to Community Hub, on the front page you will be able to change your preferences on how you want to receive your levy notices:

Once you have changed your preference to receive your levy notices by email, you should expect your next levy notice to be sent from this mailing address -

Note: If you do not receive your next levy notice when expected, please check your Spam folder/Junk mail folder, just in case the email that contains your levy notice attachment was delivered there instead of your inbox. If so, select the email with your levy attachment and add this sender address to the safe sender list, which will allow future emails to get through.

In the future, if you wish to change your personal details in our system, such as levy mailing address, change of preference for levy notice by email or post, notice mailing address, email address or any other contact details, then Community Hub is the place to do it.

Please make sure you make your payments on time using any of the available payment options. If you’re having difficulties with payments, please immediately contact your portfolio manager as there are a number of solutions that might assist you.

Read fact sheet on Levy Arrears Payment Plan.

If you have any queries about your levy contributions, please phone our levy department directly on: