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Building better together with professional project coordination

We make sure your building works are done properly

No matter how straightforward or complex building and maintenance jobs are, often it takes a dedicated person to make sure everything is on track and being executed to a premium standard. Our dedicated and experienced project coordination team take the hassle and stress out of maintaining, repairing, and renovating your building.

For strata and multi-owned properties, building works and maintenance require excellent stakeholder and contractor management. Our team offer comprehensive project coordination and management on a pay-as-you-go basis so owners and committees can access our support when and as they need it.

Our coordination means owners and committees can guarantee they will be kept up to date, their works will be monitored for quality, and that necessary compliance requirements have been met to minimise risk. Building better together means we’re enhancing Australia’s community living by reducing risk and creating better buildings.

Our project coordination means dispute and risk-free works

All owners and committees have a duty of care to those who enter their property. When work is being undertaken on common property, the site becomes a workplace where health and safety regulations apply.

Professional project coordination means owners and committees can assure that all safety requirements have been met and that works will be carried out in a way that minimises dispute, risk, and liability for owners.

We use our clear and transparent communication approach, mixed with industry expertise, to make sure owners understand the scope of works and prevent them from being stung by unexpected costs.  What’s more, our physical on-site presence means when owners and committee members are at work or are busy, we can give contractors access to the site and oversee their work.

We generate dispute and risk-free works by:

  • Reviewing contracts and invoices for accuracy
  • Helping owners and contractors understand the scope of works
  • Managing the implementation of works to a high standard and that jobs aren’t being neglected
  • Ensuring that works follow agreed-upon timelines
  • Making sure all necessary approvals have been met (such as council approvals)
  • Managing contractor compliance and vetting service providers by reviewing public liability insurances, workers compensation, licensing, and mandatory safe work method statements
  • Comprehensively reviewing, vetting, and certifying all contractor’s licensing and insurances
  • Site inspections and reporting
  • Providing comprehensive and clear updates to committees and owners including any issues
  • Acting as the one central information and coordination person for the entire project.

Professional coordination is proven to make a difference

Leading research shows the number one reason for defective works in Australia is human error. Specifically, human error through poor workmanship, inadequate supervision, lack of skills, and lack of motivation. Likewise, the same research also shows that the customer — as in the owner or committee, impacts the success rate by not being able to provide consistent project control or organisation.

As part of Australia’s leading property service provider, our highly skilled and specialised team reduce the chances of defective or sub-optimal building works by providing ongoing expert supervision. Our project coordination means your contractors have one central person who understands the scope, oversees their progress, and that they can communicate with. Our project coordinators manage contractors but directly report to owners and the committee.

Undertaking work within community and strata living means managing a range of stakeholders. Our highly experienced teams relay critical information between all necessary parties to keep works on track, within scope, and to the right standard.

Our project coordinators will manage the information flows between:

  • Multiple contractors
  • Multiple owners
  • Committee
  • Strata manager
  • Building manager

All properties benefit from coordination expertise

Regardless whether your property is big or small or whether your works are complicated or straightforward we can help.

We specialise in property works for under $10,000 regardless of their complexity or your property type.

Pay-as-you-go, we don’t lock owners and committees into set terms

Unlike most construction, works coordination, or project management, we don’t require owners and committees to lock themselves into set terms. Normally, project coordinators take a percentage of the overall works cost making the service expensive. Instead, our project coordinators are contracted on an hourly basis. This means you can use the project coordination as and when you need them.

Project coordination when you already have a strata or building manager

Project coordination is a distinct and separate role to strata and building management. Our project coordination team possess niche skills that allow our teams to understand technical building requirements, oversee the change, and then provide advice to owners based on our expertise.

Strata managers don’t take on building and project coordination because it sits outside of their professional remit, and they don’t possess the same technical skill.

If you’re property already has a building manager, they may not be contracted for the amount of time required to coordinate and manage your job properly. Our project coordinators can work alongside and communicate with your strata and building manager.

We specialise in strata and community living

As strata and community living specialists, we understand the specific needs and requirements unique to multi-owned properties. We specialise in works under $10,000 regardless of whether it is something complex or straightforward and for whatever time periods that are required.

Our help extends beyond your property

To offer a comprehensive service, we provide project coordination when we are on and off your property.

What’s more, being part of Australia’s leading property service provider means we have resources like Community Select. Community Select is a fully vetted database of contractors who are fully licensed and insured. If you need help on who to use as a safe and reliable provider, we can help you find the right team for the job.

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