Building Condition Report

Introducing Assured Building Management’s Building Condition Report.

This new service will:

  • Be your independent eyes and ears on site
  • Save you money in the long run
  • Provide expert follow-up assistance on building issues

For just $340, the Building Condition Report will simplify onsite inspections saving you time, money and headaches.

Our Building Condition Report includes

  • an onsite visit;
  • walk through inspection;
  • and a comprehensive report which covers everything from site conditions to cleaning, gardening and site facilities.

Underpinning our industry leading Building Condition Report will be a detailed presentation to your strata manager.

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Features & Benefits of the Building Condition Report

Building Condition Report is a non-invasive, visual and walk-through inspection in the common property. We send well-trained building managers to the site in order to identify current conditions of the property.

Process of the service

1.    Collect building information including by-laws and current plans such as strata plan and as-built drawings etc.  
2.    Check content of by-laws and layout of the common area and property.


3.    Walk through the whole of accessible common property.
4.    Point out defects, damages or matters of concern relating to building management (maintenance, by-laws &WHS)


5.    Provide Building Condition Report within 5 business days since date of the inspection.

Benefits of the service

The Owners Corporation can:

The Strata Managers can:

  • Have a good grasp of current status of the property
  • Check detail of existing issues in the property without visiting the site (Minimise wasted time)
  • Review whether or not quality of  current contractor’s service is satisfactory
  • Obtain advice on improvement of the issues from the inspector
  • Obtain recommendation & proposal for the issues under building condition report
  • Promote additional service of strata management to improve the issues.
  • Keep or improve quality of building management by regularly continuing  building condition report
  • Manage risks of the property (Identify potential hazards)
  • Realise real time issues for urgent works


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